Working in Somerset works in partnership with individual people and organisations for an equal and just society which champions societal diversity and gives all people a fair opportunity to work, learn and live free from hate, prejudice and discrimination. An acceptance of the nature of racism is integral to recognising and countering it successfully. Racial prejudice is a global phenomenon which is caused by a selection of social, historical, political and economic factors. It appears in different forms and in different contexts and as a consequence has been defined in many different manners.

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Welcome to srec

Working in Somerset is the first internet based employment agency in the UK dedicated to bringing employers and home-based workers together, for the mutual benefit of both. Working in Somerset stands for real jobs, with reputable employers, for realistic pay, not just fictional, get-rich-quick schemes or phoney envelope addressing scams. All employers are carefully vetted to ensure that they are offering real opportunities and we insist that employers adhere to the National Minimum Wage directive.

Home-based workers offer a wealth of potential benfits to employers, including reductions in utilities overheads; greater flexibility in working arrangements; increased staff loyalty and reduced sickness and 'compassionate leave' levels. For the home-based worker, the potential benefits are equally attractive - reduced travel-time and associated stress levels; greater freedom of choice in hours worked; more flexibility in employment status; for example.

Home Employment Agency - Bringing Employers and Home-workers together.

Our simple goal is to provide a bridge to cover the gap between employers and home based employees. To help both benefit from the opportunities presented by today’s new working climate.

With skills shortages in many sectors of industry and commerce, employers are having to look ever further for, and pay ever higher prices for the right employees to fill their vacancies. Premises and utility services costs are often governing factors, too, restricting the pace at which companies are able to expand and develop

Obviously any service has to be of value to its customers. The value of the service that the HEA offers is in saving both money and time in the process of recruitment, with added bonuses derived from the lower overheads gained from employing people to work from home. The true cost of finding a new employee the ‘traditional’ way, that is, by advertising, collating and interviewing without the help of an agency, is surprisingly high. When all things are taken into account, an agency can provide real savings. The HEA goes a step further than ordinary agencies, by providing employees who offer numeorous benifits to employers, for examlple.

  • Cost effective
  • Increased Flexability
  • Higher retention rate of valued staff
  • Increased staff motivation
  • No office politics or office romances to interfere with the work requirements
  • No possibility for injury compensation claims, wrongful dismissal suits or sexual harassment claims which can be costly
  • Inclement weather does not interfere with employee's travel to and from work. Similarly car trouble is never an issue
  • No security issues such as theft in the workplace
  • Nominal or no additional equipment purchases

We hope you find our company and its aims as exciting as we do. We firmly believe that home/teleworking is the way of the future and that our agency will be the founding agency for people who wish to work from home

Looking for a job and live locally in Somerset? Live in Tauton or closeby, maybe we could help.

How do you get to find out where to get work from home from Somerset companies in the area? You never see it advertise in the job boards?

You are right there are not many adverts for vacancies working from home and if there are you have to be careful as they could be a scam. If you have a computer then your location may not really matter.

However if the employmentyou wish is location dependant then why not phone companies who are recruiting in your specific profession and ask them how they would feel about having a home based employee. You may find that they will want you "in house" for a time and then be open to the prospect of you working from home.